Yemen Bank For Reconstruction & Development
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Companies in which The Yemen Bank for Reconstruction & Development (YBRD) holds Shares:

The Yemen Bank for Reconstruction and Development undertook a vital role in the development process of the Republic of Yemen. This is shown by YBRD several direct contributions at local companies, its sharing in the Yemen Companies for Finance and Investment, in addition to other contributions in National Banks as well as international ones and as follows:
1- Investments in local companies
The Yemen Kuwait Bank for Trade and Investment (PSC).1
Tehama for Manufacturing and Producing Sacks Company

2- Investments in foreign companies
UBAF Arab International Bank E.C. - Bahrain
UBAF Curacao NV
Al Ubaf Ltd.(Hong Kong).1
Banque Pour Le Commerce Et L'Industrie Mer Rouge
Arab Financial Services Company EC. Abu Dhabi

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